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Clever use of space


Hope you’ve all had a good weekend. I’m starting in Sweden with this small, but beautiful apartment. I think that if you utilise the space well, it can still work.  You just need a bit of imagination and the abili. You might have to change certain things like for example if you have a rectangular dining table it might makes sense to sell it and buy a round one. This round dining table works well as it doesn’t take up too much space in the living room.

I’m a huge fan of just having one sofa and a couple of arm chairs. It makes a space more flexible. The  Eames chair in the living room and the one in the bedroom can be used as extra seating round the dining table for dinner parties. Equally the chairs can be moved to the living area after a meal.

This white room has got a large window and double doors going out to a small terrace, so it’s already a light room. The gold pendant light helps to reflect even more light into the room as well as some colour. Here colour is introduced by small pops of colour like the mustard throw and the cushion, but also with the light pink flowers. The patterned rug makes the living room look like a separate to the dining space.




In the narrow kitchen a small breakfast bar has been created by using a larger worktop than needed for the unit. It gives you more workspace as well as somewhere to eat. Not only that it makes the kitchen flow better. It wouldn’t look the same with a table.

Clever use of space is important in a small space, so tall cupboards in the kitchen is key for storage.

4144063 4144067

A bedroom home office isn’t ideal, but it can work. This String shelf workspace looks nice and well organised. It makes sense not to clutter the space as it’s in the bedroom. They Hay boxes are ideal for hiding clutter.


bedroom workspace string shelves

monochrome bathroom

all photos by Entrance 

Have a nice new week! x



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