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Natural light and spring decor


We’re all longing for spring and this apartment pretty much shouts spring out loud. I love all these windows and the natural light. The apartment has also got some really trendy green plants like the Monstera plant.

Instead of having a formal dining room, the owners have used the space as a home office and have made space for their dining table in the living room.

This really is a lovely space for a home office. Just imagine all the natural light and the good vibes you would get from it. I think it feels like a really positive place to work from.

Alvhem apartment with natural light

Alvhem bright apartment with natural light

For a bit of colour in this otherwise monochrome apartment, the owners have added two large bookcases with some colourful books. It’s a really simple and effective way of adding colour. Here’s another example.

Alvhem natural light living room

A bunch of ecualyptus can go a long way and smells great too. You can place it in vases in most rooms and it lasts for quite a while.

Alvhem spring apartment with natural light

There’s also some fab art and  posters here and I like the way pictures have been hung up. It’s quite different, but not at all random. This has been carefully thought out.

Alvhem natural light living room

Alvhem natural light nordic bedroom

Alvhem natural light office bedroom

This apartment really is all about details and I mean down to the door handlesIt’s all perfect. Nothing has been left to chance. It’s all been thought about and the space has been utilised perfectly. I think this is a great solution.

Alvhem green plants and natural light

Alvhem natural light kitchen with black fridge freezer

All photos by Alvhem. For more photos click here.

 How do you decorate for spring? Do you add green plants or colours?

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  1. mel says:

    Oh please don’t let your springtime come, that means our summer is over hehe! This is truly a gorgeous apartment, the workspace is my favourite. Have a lovely weekend Hege! Mel x

  2. Hege says:

    Yes, that’s true, Mel. Looks like you’ve had a nice summer. Hate it when summer is over.
    I love it too. All that light looks amazing.
    Have a great weekend, Mel! Hege x