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This morning


I captured the morning light in the hall at 7am.. 🙂
Do you like my canvas that I painted black?!
I’m going to add curtains in the hall too..

Later I’ll show you the things we bought at this mornings Emmaus sale. 
Here’s a couple of photos of the cool old factory at Emmaus.

It’s really funny because the sale starts at 9am on a Saturday morning (it’s only open Wednesday afternoon and Saturday all day). There’s always a crowd behind a barrier and at 9 on the dot, we all start running and it’s not 20 meters, but about 200 meters to run..  It just makes the experience more fun! Magnus loves it! So we all run to find the best deals… 
All the furniture, clothes & books have been donated and Emmaus sell it all to support homeless people. They live and work here. We they buy things at a low price, so it’s great for everybody. 🙂
Have a nice day!

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  1. beautiful picture with shadows!!

  2. Mariela says:

    Your hall look amazing, love your canvas, Emmaus have a wonderful concept and sounds like fun when they open their store : ). Enjoy your weekend, I hope you feel better, big hug!

  3. Funny story! I see it all for me 🙂 And what a great pictures of the old factory! Tough, imperfect and beautiful! x

  4. Tibs says:

    Black painting on the wall – great idea (I might steal the idea…)

  5. Lekkert lys, herlig stemning:)

  6. Cyn | decyng says:

    I like the hall!! how is your shoulder? have a nice weekend!