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Nordic style furniture by Etsy shop KROFT

7 minimal Etsy Gifts for Interiors with Beige Aesthetics


Etsy is a brilliant source for discovering new and independent makers if you’ve got the time to really dig deep. Seeing as my last round-up for minimal interiors was so popular, I’ve pulled together a new selection for lovers of beige. This soothing neutral has invited itself into our homes over the past year or so and made itself well and truly welcome…

Minimal Wooden Furniture by KROFT

Toronto based furniture brand KROFT makes the most beautiful furniture from ash wood. Their collection ranges from minimal wall hooks to slim framed Nordic style shelving units and Japandi inspired stools

Nordic style furniture by Etsy shop KROFTJapanese style stool by Etsy shop KROFT

Handmade Soy Wax Candle in Jesmonite Pot

You’ll know how important candles are in Nordic culture and I’m never not without one or two in my home. This rosemary and sandalwood soya wax candle comes in a handmade jesmonite pot. I love how the lid looks like a freshly raked zen garden and that once the candle has been used, you can save the pot to store jewellery. 

minimal soy wax candle in a beige Jesmonite container with lid

Beige Linen Kimono Top 

This oversized linen kimono top would make a gorgeous addition to any minimal capsule wardrobe. I love how it drapes beautifully but still holds its shape. Sure, it’s more of an investment piece but it’s something you’ll wear over and over again. This beautiful piece can also be put on display in your bedroom for example. Check out the rest of Atuko’s linen clothing collection for more ethical fashion inspiration. 

Beige oversized linen kimono from Etsy shop Atuko

Contemporary Vase art prints by Studio Paradissi

Studio Paradissi is my absolute go-to for bold and abstract art prints. Her latest collection inspired by Greek vases takes on a graphic look with earthy shades and black accents. A collection of some of Eleni’s framed prints as a gallery wall would really lift a beige interior and stop it from falling flat. 

Studio Paradissi beige vase print

Nordic Dining Room with Studio Paradissi art

photo by @tthese_beautiful_things

Sculptural Ceramic Vases from New York

Handmade ceramics have such a special quality to them, knowing they were made by an individual. Mammoth and Minnow make small batch sculptural vases and ceramics with a rustic feel from their New York studio. They look absolutely beautiful with or without flowers. How about this arch vase in an off-white glaze? 

Beige ceramic arch vases handmade ETSY find

Wooden Japanese Style Home Accessories

I can’t get enough of Japanese wooden craft and these carved wood accessories fit so perfectly into any minimal beige interior. The grooves are so tactile and make me think of a Zen garden like the candles above. Apres Vous Studio also has large wooden trays that are perfect for styling a coffee table with. 

Japanese wood trays by Etsy shop Apres Vous Studio

Beige Bubble Candle

It’s clear that sculptural accessories aren’t going anywhere right now these greige bubble candles are so much fun. I’m not sure I could ever light it though… could you?

Etsy find beige bubble candle

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