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AD | Create a Warm & Inviting Home with Carl Hansen Chairs


Autumn is definitely here and we’re slowly moving inside again. It’s been great to spend time outside, but with colder air, it’s great to have a nice space for a slow coffee. The handmade ceramic coffee set by Studio Brae makes coffee taste even better than normal. There’s something special about things that are handmade, don’t you think? Talking about handmade, I’ve styled the CH23 chairs from Carl Hansen and son in our dining room and the one thing you can’t see is how comfortable they are. These chairs are the epitome of Scandinavian mid-century modern design.

Carl Hansen Chair- Danish Design at its Best

Nice design is one thing, but Wegner’s approach was that his designs had to be functional too. So if you’re wondering if these Carl Hansen chairs are comfortable they are.  I love the fact that the Carl Hansen chairs are made from sustainable materials, as well as created by skilled craftsmen. Hans J. Wegner designed these beautiful chairs and were first introduced in 1950. The chairs come in 7 different materials and colours, which make them very versatile and suitable for any room in your home including the dining room or living room. These chairs are the oak variant with a walnut detail.

“Hans J. Wegner’s CH23 chair uses natural materials and elegant details to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.” 

This is just as important in a home as in a restaurant and I hope you can see from my photos that the chairs are both comfortable and inviting. I think these Carl Hansen chairs would be perfect for a restaurant and I’ve actually seen them in a few places already. 

bright, airy modernist dining room with Carl Hansen chairs in natural, sustainable materials
close up of Carl Hansen Carl Hansen CH23 chair

Wishbone Chair from Carl Hansen

If, like me, you love Danish designer, Hans J. Wegner, you’ll probably know his most known iconic design, the Wishbone Chair. I had the pleasure of styling a limited Birthday edition chair last year. You can see my Wishbone chair styling here.

Wegner’s innovative designs left a long lasting impression that went on to inform  mid-century furniture design that can still be seen today. Somehow, it retains that timeless quality that makes furniture like this the kind you’ll invest in and keep in your home forever. If you would like to see some more mid-century inspiration see here.

But Danish design is always moving forward and you might have spotted the black lamp in the background, it’s the MO310 table lamp by Mads Odgård, and a new collaboration for Carl Hansen & Son. I’ve styled the floor lamp too and you can see it in our living room.

Have you been making any preparations at home for winter? Maybe you’re starting to think ahead towards Christmas now too? I noticed my Christmas Pinterest board is the most popular one this month! See how I styled the CH23 chairs for Christmas last year.

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