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minimal, natural Nordic Christmas

How to Create a Cosy, Natural Nordic Inspired Christmas ft. ferm Living


The festive season is fast approaching, and the days are getting shorter too. Learn how to create a Nordic natural, minimalist Christmas in your home. For a warm, cosy atmosphere that you’ll love retreating to during the colder months. 

What is a Nordic Christmas?

Scandinavian countries love to add warmth and texture to  their home. This makes the cold, dark months much more  bearable. Natural materials are incorporated, and the outside  is brought in.  

Christmas decorations use branches and foliage, muted  neutral tones are seen in cosy throws and blankets, and  natural light like candles and roaring fires are used to heat  your cold hands and soul. 

Nordic Christmases are full of tradition, nostalgia, friends,  and family. Find out some of the ways you can add Nordic  design, decorations, and traditions to your home this  Christmas below. 

Christmas tree with paper decorations in Scandinavian style

Paper Christmas Decorations

Ferm Living have created beautiful  Christmas decorations made from paper. These are to evoke  memories of creating DIY paper decorations made with  family. I remember doing that every year as a child. You’ll be able to keep these minimalist Christmas  decorations for years as they come in a storage box. I love  bringing out the same decorations year after year, there’s  something very special about that. 

Paper Christmas Decorations for a Nordic inspired Christmas at home

Add Neutral Tones & Warmth

Nordic design is well known for its muted tones and it’s no  different at Christmas. Ferm Living have beautiful patchwork  blankets and stockings that help create a calm and warm  atmosphere. Much needed after the last few years we’ve  had. The patchwork designs are in natural tones so will go  perfectly with foliage or other natural decorations you make. 

natural colour and fabric stocking for a Nordic Christmas

Use Natural Materials like Branches and Foliage

One of the simplest ways of incorporating Nordic Christmas  into your home is by bringing some of the outside in with  branches, foliage, and berries. Not only does this look  beautiful but it also makes your home smell amazing  especially if you use foliage such as pine or eucalyptus. 

As well as using branches and foliage as natural Christmas  decorations you can also use them to add details to your  Christmas gift wrapping. See this post for natural, eco friendly gift wrapping ideas  or this one for simple ideas on wrapping presents.  

Minimal Christmas decor with foliage and branches, perfect for a Scandinavian Christmas

Add Candles for Beautiful Natural, Warm Light

Another simple yet very beautiful way to easily add a touch  of Nordic inspiration to your Christmas and festive season is  by using candles. Ferm have beautiful muted sculptural candles in the colours brown, amber and straw. They come in  sets of four making these candles perfect for marking the  four Advent Sundays during December. 

Nordic inspired table setting with glasses and natural coloured candles, perfect for a Scandinavian table setting

Advent Calendar Candle

Ferm have also created Advent Calendar Candles to  countdown the 24 days until Christmas. The Advent candles  come in three shades: sage, amber and straw. 

Creating a Minimalist Christmas Tree

We can’t forget about the Christmas tree. Scandinavian design is minimalist at its heart and so is their Christmas trees. Ferm have made ‘Doodle ornaments’ to adorn the tree this Christmas. These beautiful minimalist Christmas decorations are inspired by the natural forms of ice stalactites.
These decorations will add a touch of elegance and sculptural design to any Christmas tree, or Christmas branch or other creative ways of making a Christmas ‘tree’.

beautiful glass baubles hanging on a tree branch

Nordic Christmas Traditions

Nordic Christmases are entrenched with myths and nostalgia. Here  are some other Nordic traditions/ food to try. 

· Make Christmas Glögg  

This mulled wine based recipe will be sure to keep you  warm during the colder months. 

· Make Lussebullar (Swedish Saffron buns)  

· Make Risengrod (rice porridge) on Christmas eve for Tomte  or Nisse, a household spirit to keep them on your good side. We used to do this every year and always had a comptetition to find the almond, my Mum had slipped in one of the bowls. The winner got a price!

· For more Nordic Christmas traditions visit here check out my previous posts.

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