E-Book Beginners Guide to Product Photography

Together with stylist Tiffany Grant-Riley, I’ve created an essential product photography guide for beginners. The e-book is aimed at small businesses and influencers who want to create better product images for their online shops or social media.

The eBook is packed full of actionable product photography tips for beginners. We’ve designed the book to make product photography easy, quick, and fun! We know how difficult it can be to run your own business and do everything.

This eBook is designed to help create amazing product photography for your business in a stress-free way and with results that will positively impact your business.

Our work has been used in everything from lifestyle books and magazine features to products on the shelves. So we’re excited to share with you what we’ve learned along the way. The Product Photography e-book is for sale on Etsy, here.

We’ll be launching a more extensive Product Photography video course soon, so if you would like to find out more, get on the wait-list, so I can tell you all about it!


First impressions are incredibly important, especially in ecommerce and more widely the internet. Attention spans are short, and humans make quick decisions on whether they want to learn more about a brand and product (just a few seconds!).

Creating good product photography that is reflective of your brand and product is vital for sales and returning customers. We’ll show you how to create product images your customers will love.


We’ll help you create amazing product images for your brand with the kit (or lack of!) you already have. You’ll learn how to take stunning product images even if you don’t have an expensive DSLR camera.


  • How to use natural light to take beautiful product images
  • How to build a basic photography kit without breaking the bank and still get striking photos
  • How to create your own brand guidelines to help you form a cohesive brand imagery across all platforms
  • How to successfully use props to create standout images
  • The basics of composition, this is an important element for creating images that are immediately eye-catching
  • How to edit your images in a quick and easy way that doesn’t require complicated photography software
  • And much more!