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3 living rooms I love and why


Being an Interior design blogger I see a lot of photos in a day and I mean a lot! This means that you get really picky and perhaps  difficult.. 
These living rooms would be my top 3 choices and I’ll tell you why. Before we even start.. They all have a great source of natural light. Yes, I’m mentioning that again! For me it’s one of the most imporant things. 
The first living room has got fantastic proportions. It’s flexible and shows you that even if you don’t have a large home you can still fit in what you need. A clever storage solution and an office space has been built in by adding a long shelf/table placed just under the large window. This of course also works like a shelf where you can display nice things. I also love this beautiful sofa and the armchairs.
The second livng room I’ve chosen because I think it’s a very inviting room. I think it’s the nice colours and the fresh flowers that does it. It feels like a nice family home and also light and airy. 

Bright Coloured Living Room Inspiration
Bright Living Room Interior Design
Mokkasin photos by Johan Sellen also shown here
The third room has got the best looking window and gorgeous period cornices. Since moving back to Scotland I’ve got a huge desire to live in a home like this, with lots of period features. The architecture here is just amazing! One day!

White walls in a living room.
White walls in a living room.
photos by Douglas Gibb also shown here
Hope you like my favourite living rooms as much as I do! 

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Happy Friday!!

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