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50 Shades of Grey – bathroom inspiration


I’ve been asked by C.P.Hart to make a mood board of my perfect “50 shades of grey” bathroom. Easy I thought, but it actually wasn’t. There are so many things to choose from and so many things to include.
We’ve seen fancy mirrors, chandeliers, candles and accessories in bathrooms for a long time. Recently I’ve noticed a change. We now treat our bathrooms more like rooms, if that makes sense.

What’s trending – copper, concrete, marble, round mirrors, plants, wooden stools, patterned tiles, fancy soaps and even ART!

photo by me

A perfect bathroom can be so many things. It can be classy, but very trendy at the same time like the bathroom I showed you by Katty Schiebeck.

Most of us don’t have the luxury of having such huge bathroom, so I’m going to keep my “50 shades of grey” bathroom slightly more realistic.
Normally I would go for a roll top bath, but when I saw this round bath well that was it for me. Is that the coolest shower head you’ve ever seen?! Quite possibly.

moodboard by me images by  C. P. Hart

As much as I like having a bath, my perfect bathroom wouldn’t be perfect without a shower.

When it comes to the colour grey I happened to have a grey bathroom in France and loved it. I think it’s a great colour for a bathroom. Both really light shades of grey and darker ones can work. Moody bathrooms like these ones look quite appealing.

photo AT Casa

I think I would choose a white suite, but keep my walls and accessories in grey tones. That way it’s easy to change wall colours and accessories when the time comes.

My perfect bathroom wouldn’t be perfect without an old fashioned radiator. I’ve always loved them. I would also like a round mirror with a leather strap.

1. photo by Nicole & Beauté 2. photo by Sharyn Cairns design by Whiting Architects
3. photo by Emelie Bédard and 4. Desire to inspire

photo by Sharyn Cairns design by Whiting Architects

photo by Toast
I have of course been busy on Pinterest too if you would like more grey bathroom inspiration and you can also check out #cphart50shades. To explore these stunning designs for real, C.P. Hart has a number of showrooms throughout the UK.

If you’re an interior designer or professional, then C.P. Hart has a beautiful trade collection available here.

Back to reality or should we keep dreaming?!


This post was written in collaboration with C.P.Hart.

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