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A room in a room


This is a beautifully renovated 1894 Swedish apartment. It’s 58m², which is not huge, but it feels light, open and spacious. 
Natural light is really imporant, so I think this is a great solution. If you have a room without a window – use glass panels instead of a wall. It creates more light for a start, but also the room feels bigger as it’s not enclosed. It’s more like a room in a room than two separate spaces. 
The mix of old and new, industrial and trendy is perfect here. Love those leather armchairs. 

The simple wood pallet bed fits in perfectly with the industrial and natural feel. 

In the kitchen there’s a 50s style mint green SMEG fridge, marble worktops, tiled walls, open shelves and also industrial shelves, vintage chairs, trendy wall lights, brass taps… Perfection!

photos by Per Jansson found on Homedit

Like it, too?!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Åpent hus says:

    tenkte jeg skulle advare deg ang. bruk av bilder på bloggen.
    les mer om hva jeg har opplevd i mitt siste innlegg.
    jeg må visst gjøre om min praksis med kildehenvisning.
    det holder ikke…!

    (og jeg blir snart ei fattig jente…!)

  2. I love this space, it's beautiful!