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And then


there was Christmas.. We’ve even got frost this morning. 

I’ve been really quiet this weekend as there was so much to do. We’ve been out picking holly, pine twigs, sticks, moss – you name it! 🙂 It’s really Christmassy in our kitchen/living room just now. A bit early, I know, but it’s nice too. Patrick, a local farmer, is dropping by later with a small Christmas tree (yay!), so we’ll be decorating that for the photographer coming tomorrow. Now, I’ve got to make some sweets and wrap some fake presents.. I’ll show you more from inside later in December. 
Check out my Pinterest Christmas board for inspiration. 
I also love this star made lovely Miranda with the blog Lekker Fris
Thank you so much for all your messages!
Have a lovely day! 

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  1. I'm picturing the scene of Patrick the local farmer popping by with a tree – how wonderfully festive! Good luck prepping for the shoot! 🙂 x

  2. ha ha! Thanks! It's a lot more work than I had thought.. hx

  3. tinajo says:

    I´m looking forward to the Christmas decorations, makes it all lighter and brighter..!

  4. Oh My God! I can't even think about Christmas and it's already around the corner!!!!

  5. tu nous inpires Noel merci pour tes futures idées et brrrrr qu'il fait froid déjà. Bises Hege

  6. Silky Hart says:

    Can't believe Christmas is just around the corner!!! So nice to discover your blog through BYW Boot Camp. How fabulous to be living in France!

  7. michele says:

    i'm ready for some easy quiet days of crafting and smelling cider on the stove!


  8. Frk Elton says:

    Så spennende med fotograf besøk 🙂 Julen nærmer seg med storskritt vet jeg, her mangler det ikke på stemning, plutselig kom det 30 cm snø fra en dag til en annen 😉
    Kan tro det er litt rart å pynte til jul så tidlig og bare på liksom 😉
    Håper du vil vise bilder etterhvert 🙂

    God uke til deg!


  9. Il fait tellement froid d'un coup que j'envisage bien Noël là, tout de suite! Et j'en suis sure que tu nous donneras beaucoup de bonnes idées!!!! Bonne journée, Hege!

  10. Aina says:

    Hei Hege It's nice to find your blog! I'm half italian and half norwegian and in February I will move with my family to Grenoble (My husband is French)to a new life!
    Love your photos!
    Aina from BYW bootcamp

  11. Miranda says:

    So now you're celebrating christmas twice this year:)
    I also had a photo shoot in our home yesterday, it was so much fun! …and last minute stress haha!
    Enjoy the shoot and i'm looking forward to your pictures.

    XOXO Miranda

  12. Miranda says:

    ….and of course, thank you for liking my christmas star!!! :o)