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Here’s a quick DIY for you. It’s very easy and cost peanuts. I already had a chipboard panel that I hadn’t used, so I decided to paint it in order to add some colour to our living room. 
Hege in France ART diy
Here’s what to do;
First start by finding the middle of the board. Then mask out the desired area to the middle point. I painted the smallest part black. Wait for it to dry, then mask out the other side, it should also meet in the middle. I painted the second side gold. Wait for it to dry again before you do the last part. Here you mask on top of what you have already painted and it needs to be really accurate so you don’t want to paint over anything. Paint, wait for it to dry and that’s it! You can of course make this DIY in any colour and any size. I had leftover paint, so this project cost me 6€. Not bad I think.  
My “art” is now displayed in our living room. If you missed my Tuesday Tips – Add large boards post click HERE to read it. 
Hege in France art DIY

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  1. Valérie K says:

    Simple mais efficace ! J'aime beaucoup ton tableau.

  2. Lena says:

    It looks gorgeous in that corner of your living room! Adds a nice contemporary touch. And I like the blurry Hege in that picture – I finally got a tripod for my camera yesterday and was playing "blurry me in pictures" all afternoon 🙂

  3. Marit says:

    Very nice Hege! Enjoy the weekend! X Marit

  4. Mariela says:

    Look great!! love it!
    Enjoy your weekend!!
    Big hug!!

  5. Rosa Paula says:

    This looks so stylish in your living room! I loved it!
    And I agree: Friday asks for pretty flower details!
    Happy weekend!

  6. Marcella says:

    Looks really nice! Thanks for this nice DIY!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Mrs. Monday says:

    Digger det!!!

    God påske fra
    Mrs. Monday

  8. Elv's says:

    Such a great diy project… looks wonderful! Have a happy weekend dear Hege 🙂 hugs x

  9. Love this!
    Simplicity makes for great result, who would ask for more.

  10. mel says:

    Great idea Hege! Love the photos too and yes, I think flower bookmarks are just lovely… Mel x

  11. Lauren says:

    J'AIme !! simple et efficace …. BRAVO !