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AW19 Cooee design news


Cooee x Kriistina

Cooee’s collaboration with artist Kristiina Haataja is out of this world. Kristiina’s work is stunning and truly unique. The raw, abstract sculptures look so modern. I like the different expressions and that there are different sizes and finishes.

AW19 Cooee design news

modern sculptures in a moody setting

AW19 Cooee design news

minimal Scandinavian design vases and sculpture on table

AW19 Cooee design news

collection of grey and mud vases in a beige setting

AW19 Cooee design news

abstract sculpture on dining table

AW19 Cooee design news

collection of modern sculptures on wooden floor

The Cooee ball vases have had an update with dark green and mud colours added. Here are some photos I’ve taken in my home of the 20cm ball vase in mud. It’s beautiful and it’s of course perfect for the slow living / beige trends.

AW19 Cooee news

living room in grey ball vase mud colour

aw19 Cooee

slow living with candle and natural elements

Also new from Cooee, is the collaboration with Norwegian designer Hans-Christian Bauer. Now based in Copenhagen, he has gained experience as a industrial designer and product developer for Kähler, &Tradition, Menu, Norm Architects. He has designed four items for Cooee.

Candle holder “Heavy”

“It´s a candle holder that uses its heavy cylindrical base precisely to give a floating candle holder weight to stand stable, giving it an enchanting look.” – Hans-Christian Bauer

Bookend “Shoulder”

“It´s a book end made in marble. Inspired by the human organic shapes and a study of the materials changing character at different angles.” – Hans-Christian Bauer

”Book ring”

“Book ring is a light and elegant book support. A product that almost disappears when its in use, but finishes your book series with a graphically great circle that almost floats in the air.” – Hans-Christian Bauer

AW19 Cooee design news

bookend and sculpture on window sill

AW19 Cooee design news

Scandinavian design bookends on bookshelf

Sculptural candle holder ”Swoop”

“Swoop is a light and elegant candlestick that draws threads back to the classic candlestick with handles, but in a modern and playful shape. It is first and foremost simple and sculptural, but the ring also acts as a handle to move the candlestick around.” – Hans-Christian Bauer

AW19 Cooee design news

moody shelf with candle holder swoop

Another exciting collaboration is with Norwegian designer Lars Tornøe. After graduation in MA in Design from university of Bergen 2006 he focused on collaborating with other designers and later went on to found his own studio. Today he works with a diverse selection of Nordic brands and have for instance designed Dots for Muuto, Kizu lamp for New Works. Many of his products have been acclaimed with awards, museum acquisitions and international exhibitions. He has designed two items for Cooee,

Vase ”Clover”

“Clover vase is a simplified interpretation of classical porcelain styles that might bring items from grandmothers kitchen to mind Arranged in a triplet, the curved surfaces generate a design language that is both botanical and geometric. – Lars Tornøe

aw19 cooee

vase collection displayed on table

Candelabra ”LU”

“Combining the familiar shapes of the L and the U resulted in this modest, yet distinct candelabra. The interplay of curved and flat surfaces invites the user to touch the product and feel the weight of the solid metal body. The matte finish was chosen to accentuate the shape of the object.” –  Lars Tornøe

aw19 cooee

new collection of ceramics

I’ve styled some items from the new collection below. Everything is finished to a high standard and I’m really impressed with Cooee’s extended collection. I’ts nice to see so many exciting collaborations.

AW19 Cooee news

modern sculpture in a moody setting

AW19 Cooee design news

white Scandinavian style home with ceramics on display

aw19 cooee news

sculpture on side table next to Japanese style lamp

Any favourites here? I find it hard to pick one, but I think it’ll have to be the modern sculptures by Kriistina.



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