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Black and white studio by KASIA ORWAT


This studio apartment (46m²) is designed by talented Kasa Orwat home design in Poland. The black and white zones work really well. The living area is nice and light and has got lots of interesting details. I’m impressed they’ve managed to make the space feel as spacious as they have. There are specific zones for the living room, workspace and kitchen/diner. For a studio apartment the kitchen is surprisingly large. As most things in this studio are black and white, the wooden legs on the dining table and the light grey kitchen units softens the look. I love the milk bottles and the black SMEG fridge. I’m also a lamp addict, so this apartment really speaks to me. The Victor Vetterlein Trash Me lamp is my favourite here. 
With permission from Kasia Orwat photos by Weronika Trojanowska
Hope you’re enjoying the Easter weekend!!
We’re off to the airport. 
I’ll show your more photos from Norway and Sweden very soon. 

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  1. Tibs says:

    Wow, great details! The black Smeg is so gorgeous!

  2. Katrin says:

    Yes, lovely details! I have to remodel my flat …

  3. Hi, thank you very much Hege for sharing our work.
    We do love this project, the best part of it is that light and furniture is thought to be completely changeable so you can modify everything depending on the needs – and that's why we call it "NOMAD SPACE".

    Sergio Torres KASIA ORWAT home design

  4. Hi Katrin, thank you for your comment.
    We are in Pozna? (Poland) but if you want us to remodel your flat, just let us know.
    Internet has removed lots of barriers 😀

    Sergio Torres