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Black floor love


I love black floors and I recently started a dark floor board on Pinterest. When I saw this apartment by Fantastic Frank with black floors my eyes were drawn to it. You have to go see it. I kind of got stuck in the bedroom looking at the dark curtains and the cool posters, as well as the black floor. My kind!

black floors in the bedroom

vintage chair as bedside table

black floor cool posters

all photos by Fantastic Frank

This is my favourite kind of bedside table (except for the Menu wall table which I love), I would choose a chair any day. For more black inspiration check out my black house and black boards too. If you need bedroom inspiration it’s here.

I still really want to paint a wall black, but so far I haven’t. This week has been a bit crazy with lots of work. I’ll show you more soon. I’m working with some brilliant brands and might even be moving to a new studio soon.. so there’s a lot happening. To be continued! Have a great weekend! x

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