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Bright and lovely in Berlin


I’m hopping over to Berlin for some inspiration on this beautiful, sunny Monday morning. This apartment has got lots of nice and quite simple ideas to steal.
Apart from the obvious lots of light, white walls and fab furniture, I really love the green plants in the kitchen. What a nice way of adding some greenery to a room by displaying plants on stools. The stools could double up as extra seating too. This way they wouldn’t be in the way when not used as seats.. They actually have another purpose when they’re not sat on. (Loving this kitchen by the way!)
You could copy the unit between the double doors by simply buying a tall kitchen cupboard or, if you are a bit handy, by making a tall box. It can be used to hide clutter and also for displaying things on. I like the proportions of this unit. 
Add colours to a room by adding fresh flowers. 

Create your own word banner by printing out large letters and cutting them out with a craft knife. Then attach them to a piece of string with some glue. 
Balloons attached to a present. NICE!

Display your favourite clotes on a hanging rack and some pretty shoes on shoe boxes. I mention that you can add colours with flowers, but you can of course add colours with clothes and shoes too.

I love the toothbrush holder. It’s nice to see something a bit different and out of the ordinary. You can pick up inexpensive pottery tumblers in Charity shops or at car boot sales. 
The large branch is nice to. I wonder if it will flower? 
Green plants in the bathroom.. YES please!!

photos by Fantastic Frank
Hope this gave you some inspiration. 
Have a great new week!

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  1. Es espectacular y tremendo salón comedor.