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How to Create a Warm, Cosy Home with Lighting from Carl Hansen


If you’re looking for a new table lamp with beautiful, minimalist Scandinavian design you will love the new Petal Lamp from Carl Hansen & Son. The table lamp is perfect for adding warmth and cosiness to the home. Perfect for the darker evenings.

Scandinavian Minimalist Table Lamp

The simple, organic design by Rikke Frost makes for super cosy lighting. Perfect for the bedroom, living room or even home office. Rikke Frost says: “The Petal Lamp’s base is like the trunk of a tree, and the two elegant metal reflectors are the treetop spreading a soft, glare-free light.” She continues: “When I created the Petal Lamp, I was also inspired by big architectural arches and columns, and I was fascinated by the interplay of light through an arch and a curve. The result is a lamp that creates cosy mood lighting, because it illuminates upwards and disperses light downwards through the shades in a circular area.”

Cosy Lighting for Your Home

The Petal Table Lamp uses an interesting juxtaposition of materials. The lamp is a mix of warm natural wood (from sustainable sources) and cool metal.

The petal-like design creates a soft, cosy light that is free from glare. This makes the table lamp a perfect addition to any room, especially during the darker winter months. For more ideas about lighting, have a look at the minimal MO lighting collection I styled last year.

Knud Erik Hansen, CEO of Carl Hansen & Son, says: “Designing a beautiful lamp that emits a pleasant light and is in keeping with our collection of furniture classics at the same time is no easy task. Rikke Frost is renowned for her uncompromising craftsmanship and accomplished mode of expression, and as we saw last year with the Sideways Sofa, she managed to unite classical materials with a modern mode of expression. The same is true of the Petal Lamp, which has a modern, sculptural look, while the straightforward materials make it timeless and classic at the same time. The lamp is not only beautiful to look at, it also creates a cosy atmosphere – almost a room in the room.”

Scandinavian Design

The Petal Lamp is available in 9 different combinations. Oak, aluminium brass and walnut are some of finishes you can choose from. You’re sure to find a finish to compliment your home. I’ve pretty much styled this in every room and I think it fits in well anywhere.

The lamp is typical of simple yet beautiful Danish design and craftmanship. The lamp is also a playful mix of art and practicality.

The classic yet modern design means that it will be a well-loved part of your home décor for years to come. I feel similar about the beautiful CH23 chairs from Carl Hansen.

To find out more and to see purchasing options please visit Carlhansen.com.

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