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Casual but cool


I remember when I first met my boyfriend (now husband) and how shocked he was about how many handbags I had. I was kind of insulted as, to be fair I’m not really a girly girl and I actually don’t think I have that many bags. Surely a man can understand that different bags are used at different times, with different people and in different situations.

You can’t do the schoolrun in the morning with a clutch bag… or can you?! (Maybe my husband was right all along.) Actually I think this outfit would go just fine with a clutch bag. Casual but cool and ready for work, well at least if you work from home..  which I do..
1. Hush 2. Zappos 3. Carrie Along 4. photo by Petra Bindel
What do you think? Do we need a lot of handbags or are they just fun?!

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  1. Both answers are correct:-)
    Have a good day:-)