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Christmas in September


Walking around a couple of shops the other day I came across something I wasn’t quite ready to see – Christmas! Seriously, in September?! I’m only just getting over the fact that summer is over. What happened to Autumn? Are we just going to fast forward? I’m a bit upset! I think it’s far too early and need a bit more time to come round to the idea of Christmas. A branch however, that I might go out and look for and a couple of stars won’t hurt right?! These House Doctor paper stars look just as cool as they did last year and I would still really like one (or two). My favourite is the oversized black one.
photo by House Doctor
I’ve also noticed that some of you have started pinning from my Christmas folder on Pinterest. Wonder what I’ll be making this year. Looks like I’ll have to get my act together and come up with some DIY projects.
I like a minimalist approach with a bit of roughness to it. Maybe not so warm and cozy, but fun! I think trees look great even without decorations. All green or just a branch.
photo by Hannah Anderson


photo by Elv’s


photo by J. Levau


What do you think Christmas will bring this year?

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  1. Christmas began at the beginning of September for me. You can see exclusivities (ikea, galeries Lafayette) on my blog.
    I hope that Christmas will be simply a soft moment in family and between friends.

  2. No! No!
    Navidades sólo en Diciembre y Enero 😉