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Cold, but so NOW


To me, this place has got it all. I think it’s really cool. It’s rented out as a studio. How much fun would it be to do some styling here. 
I find it quite cold to look at, but it has some lovely original features. It’s such a NOW location. Those walls… wow!

Hege in France Beach Studios

Hege in France Beach Studios

Hege in France Beach Studios
all photos credit Beach Studios
Talking about cold, I’ve just been for a 40 minute walk in a snow storm! No really, it’s not a joke! It was great! Best thing I’ve done all day. Well, except for making a tasty cake and building lego sofas and tables to Magnus’s colourful pretend police station. 

Hope you’ve had a nice weekend!! 


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  1. Ilaria says:

    well, it seems we had sort of the same week-end … snow-storm, lego activities, browsing and blog update 😉 BUT I didn't make any cake and no walk in the freezy cold since I spent almost all weekend in bed with a bad flu 🙁 … hope spring come around soon! have a great week. xxx

  2. I've been inside all afternoon and I would soon have a walk … also through the snow! Winter is back!

    Love Lisanne

  3. l'espace est si grand…j'aime le style épuré!!!
    une tempête de neige???waouhhh!!^^
    belle soirée hege
    des grosses bises

  4. Cold, but beautiful. 🙂 Litt snålt vær for tiden, snøstorm i Frankrike og sol og vårlig i det kalde nord. Det skulle jo vært omvendt sånn normalt sett.

    Klem til deg

  5. Meis Ideis says:

    Great studio, I like everything, especially the amount of space, and the huge fireplace :).
    greetings from winter Lublin
    hugs from Marta

  6. Anneke says:

    Love this snowwhite apartment!
    With this cold, a chimney like this would be wunderfull.
    Enjoy a warm and Nice evening! X

  7. mel says:

    Love the exposed walls – always a fan of this but perhaps a little more subtle than this though.. Snuggle up, it's lovely and warm here but we'll be doing a season swap soon x

  8. Yvonne says:

    Just yesterday I came across a similar, but warmer, interior by Vincent van Duysen – in the book “Interiors” by Martyn Thompson. I have never been that much into white interiors (think it’s too cold), but this looked really nice and warm. Maybe the Belgian light is warmer than the Scandinavian? There is definitely something about Belgian interiors…

    I really envy everybody who is experiencing snow today – Denmark sucks at winters! =)