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Coral – a happy colour


I know I keep talking about black and white all the time, but today I’m introducing a tiny bit of colour. Coral – I think it’s a happy colour! I found this jewellery box half price at Habitat. It’s a part of the Taoka collection and I really like it. This box has got a mat coral finish on the inside and the edging. (I think this is a cool DIY tips too. Paint the inside of a box. Then paint round the edges and the back of the lid.)

The reason I like the box is because it is a bit different. I’m not using the it for jewellery though, but as a little storage box on my desk. 

Workspace black white and coral Hege in France
Workspace black white and coral Hege in France

Workspace black white and coral Hege in France

I’ve also got a new poster from Bodie and Fou’s new collection – Be Happy. Photo and diamond cement pins from Etsy shop Pasinga and mug from Vipp. The strange card is called Tvilling (twins) and is by Lisa Bengtsson. I picked it up in Sweden a while back. 

Did you know you can follow me on Instagram now?! Yes, since yesterday! I’m probably the last person to join.. Anyway, here’s my name hegeinfrance


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  1. gudy herder says:

    Well, a bit of color from time to time is not too bad, isn't it? And welcome to Instagram, you will have a lot of fun and probably get hooked, it's definitely my favorite social media platform now. xx

  2. Hege Morris says:

    Hi Gudy,
    you're right. The colours in Denmark at the styling were delicious!
    I have to say instagram is great and I'm sure I'll get hooked! Thanks, Gudy! hxx