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DIY oom divider


Our new DIY room divider.. 
It’s been painted black, I’ve added some black round screw hooks and 
gone mad with some thick black string.

The gold sequin cushion in the photo used to be a top.. 
This is what it used to look like.. and it actually had cigarette stained white net curtains. 
Thank you so much for your messages! 
Love to you all & a happy weekend! 

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  1. Frk Elton says:

    Mega tøft ble det 🙂 likte resultatet meget godt, for ett blikkfang denne vil være i innredningen 🙂 Du er så kreativ og flink 🙂
    Ang pausen min, hehe, jeg var allerede ferdig nå jeg annonserte 😉
    Men det trengs, presset og tidsnøden kan bli for stor 😉

    God helg til deg!


  2. Miranda says:

    Lovely room devider! Hope you really feel better soon, take care.


  3. Denne ble jo knalltøff!!

  4. Niina says:

    That looks cool, what a great idea!

  5. Mariela says:

    Look amazing! what a difference!

    Enjoy you weekend!!

    Big hug!

  6. Snakk om forvandling.
    Knallfin ble den.

    God helg.
    🙂 Inger

  7. Great! Love this very graphic look! Saw this little preview in the yesterdays picture and was really excited to see it in total. And I LOVE it!

    Have a nice weekend and get well, soon 🙂

  8. noémie says:

    hello, i discovered you blog one or two months ago and the least i can say is that it really is a pleasure to follow you from one post to another
    as regards your last project, this DIY room divider, it looks absolutely fantastic, well done !!
    i might have a go also if i find one at the ressourcerie or on a "brocante"
    thanks for the idea ;^)
    hope your shoulder will soon get better…

  9. ynde says:

    Tøft!!! Go`helg te`deg, klem Kjersti ?

  10. Brenda says:

    Thank you so much for the cushion idea – I was just about to throw out a sequin top that will make a fantastic cushion!…………B:) xoxoxoxoxo

  11. Holly says:

    just fantastic! I love the designs the string makes 🙂 You're full of good ideas!