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Door transformation..


Our internal doors are quite inexpensive pine doors.. but they get a lot of compliments as they now look expensive.. What did I do?! I simply bought some woodstain with a grey finish, stained all doors one time (If you want a darker finish you do 2 coats). Then they were treated with a anti-stain protection. Simple! AND it only cost me €20 to do and a few hours of my time, but it was easy! 🙂

I couldn’t find a before photo, but they basically looked like this..
I chose rusty looking door handles for all of our doors. Upstairs and downstairs. Love them!
Have a nice day!

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  1. tinajo says:

    Looks really nice! Oh, I´ve been thinking about painting our staircase too but haven´t decided about the color either..!

  2. Frk Elton says:

    Aha, det var ett godt tips! Ubehandlede furudører er jo ikke særlig vakkert..
    utrolig hva litt behandling kan gjøre 😉
    Som alltid, nydelige bilder fra deg 😀

    Ha en fiiin dag!


  3. Så flotte de var! Og at jeg ikke tenkte på slike dørhåndtak før da gitt, de var rå fiiine!! Har akkurat kommet over bloggen din, jeg ble litt forelsket:)

  4. Hi Hege,
    what was the clear liquid that you used?
    …for the stairs, what about a gray blue 🙂

  5. Svenngården says:

    Genialt og superfint! 🙂

  6. Miss M says:

    A lala, such a beautiful door!! I like it…
    And the colour of the stairs? White of course… 😉

    Have a nice dag, greetings, Marjolijn ?

  7. Oi, så fint det ble!

    Klem Kirsti

  8. For en forvandlig,tuuuusen ganger bedre og så lettvint!!!!Det ble en herlig farge på døren Hege…særs vellykka!!!

  9. Lallabel says:

    Great job on your doors! They look so different!
    For your stairs I'm thinking on a color between gray and a purple like pantone PMS 5295 or 5145! 😉

  10. Elv's says:

    Your door has become very chic!!! Great work Hege! And about the stairs….beautiful white????

  11. michele says:

    what a fabulous finish!



  12. Krossmyra says:

    Nydelig dør! Kjempeflott farge:)
    Tror jeg ville hatt trappen i samme stilen…
    Ha en fin kveld:)

  13. Hi Adriana,
    it's like an anti-stain protection.
    It's so that if you get water on the
    door it won't run I believe..
    Liberon is the brand in France.

  14. Wow! That really makes such a difference. Looks great. Thanks for always inspiring us Hege 🙂

  15. Great idea, looks really nice!