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Flooring alternatives


The other day I mentioned that I’m seeing a lot more dark wood flooring. I’ve always thought that great flooring is really expensive, but more and more you’ll find great offers and solutions out there. Laminate flooring doesn’t have to look cheap and nasty anymore. I remember when we bought our first home in Edinburgh, in our early twenties. We didn’t really know what we were doing, but we took great pride in decorating our new home. Biggest mistake though – our choice of laminate flooring, especially in our living room. There are so many much better alternatives now, than what there were back then. 

photo by Fantastic Frank

photos by Carpetright
Not into dark colours? Well, then there’s white. I’m still a fan of white, as it makes rooms look so light. When we put down the floors in our Edinburgh home there were only a few colour options. White was definitely not one of them. I wonder if I would have chosen white or not?! I chose a grey laminate for our kitchen and people thought it was very unusual. Not sure they meant good unusual, but we liked it! Back then it was new and a bit different.
The light wood coloured laminate in our living room I would definitely not have chosen now. As our living room was quite small I think I would have gone for white or really pale floors to make the room appear larger. 
photo by Design Milk

photo by Snö
What kind of flooring do you prefer?!

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