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Guest post


Hello there! My name is Holly von Huene. I am an interior design consultant and founder of HvH Interiors. Just recently, I started a new project called The Design Chef. I was utterly delighted when Hege asked me to contribute a post to her lovely blog about my new project. The Design Chef is where I create abstract interior design recipes inspired by actual food. If you’d like, feel free to check out the concept in more detail as to provide context for what is to follow 🙂
This recipe was created exclusively for Hege in France readers. I let my interpretation of Hege’s wonderful style inspire a fully French design recipe – featuring a French interior combined with a typical French dish. I hope you enjoy it!
Buttery Escargot Kitchen à la Hege In France
– 1 kitchen space
– rustic wooden items (like a large dining table or a raw wood beam)
– buttery soft white walls and floor
– a shiny, garlicky backsplash
– 4 industrial style chairs
– a few green plants
In a clean, hollowed out kitchen space, insert the buttery soft walls and floor along with the shiny, garlicky backsplash. Next, spread the rustic wooden items and the chairs into the space. Drop in a few green plants to top it off. Bake until ingredients begin to melt together (not too long) and serve immediately.
Bon Appétit! 
Inspired by:
Credits: Recipe by Holly von Huene  |  Kitchen photo by Nicolas Mathéus via Coté Maison  |  Escargots photo via RasaMalasyia

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  1. Unn says:

    Looovely kitchen! Du er så flink
    til å variere, Hege!

  2. Elv's says:

    Lovely kitchen… lovely post! Have a wonderful Friday 🙂

  3. Holly thank you for this delicious concept. Hege thank you Have a great Friday. Bises Nathalie

  4. delicious recipe, Holly! Happy Friday!

  5. Maria says:


    Your way of writing is like a song,definitely you are an artist.
    I see myself eating these delicious escargots in that buttery soft white kitchen.

    Hege Sletsjoe Morris,Holly have a wonderfull weekend.


  6. Hege, thank you again for having me over here. And thank you to Hege in France readers for your lovely comments. Stay tuned for more interior design recipes!