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hanging planter with pink flowers

Hanging planter


I recently bought a hanging planter from Wayfair (I was supposed to buy a new kettle, but there you go). I’ve been waiting a little to post about my hanging planter as I wanted to see if my little plant liked living upside down.  I was a bit sceptical to the concept, but it’s going really well. The plant is now flowering and getting bigger.

I bought the terracotta warrior and the horse when we lived in China in 2002. We went to see the terracotta army in Xi’an. I have to say it was completely out of this world. The details! I assumed that all the men would look the same, but they were different and it was like you were looking at a real army. They have found around 8000 of them. I can’t quite comprehend the work involved.

hanging planter with pink flowers

hanging planter from wayfair

As well as getting a kettle (yes, I did buy one!) and a hanging planter, I also bought a mini plant pot. I must have a thing for pink lately. I think it’s a summer thing.

tiny flower pot with pink plant

Tomorrow on the blog it’s all about travelling.



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