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Happy Weekend!


photo Nuevo Estilo

I’m just stopping by to say Happy Weekend! My back and shoulder really aren’t my friends just now, so I’m taking the weekend off. See you Monday?!

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  1. Hope you feel better soon, dear Hege..

  2. Elv's says:

    Oooow No!!! Hope your shoulder will feel better soon after a little rest… big hugs Elvera

  3. Marit says:

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Lena says:

    Have a good weekend, I hope you can relax a little and feel better next week!

  5. mel says:

    Oh Hege, hope they get better with a bit of rest! Look after yourself x

  6. Bon retablissement!
    And have a good weekend yourself, somehow!

  7. blooms says:

    Bon repos Hege.
    Take care dear friend.

    Je t'embrasse.

  8. Anneke says:

    Oh, what a bad luck.. :-((
    Hope you veel better Soon. Enjoy your weekend! X

  9. Mariela says:

    Feel better Hege, maybe you need another trip and relax ; )

    Enjoy your weekend!!

    Big hug!

  10. ynde says:

    Håper ro i helga har gjort deg godt ?

    Ønsker deg ei flott ny veke Hege. Våren er vel komt til deg allerede…!? Her er det litt kaldt enda, varmen kjem vel snart håper eg, klem