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Headboard idea


Mixed linen sheets have been trendy for a while and I have to say I love the look of these sheets. What attracted me to this photo was the headboard idea in the first photo. We haven’t had a headboard for some time. In fact most bloggers don’t have one.  I’ve been thinking of adding one for a while. My headboard idea was very simple. I was planning to buy a sheet of plywood, cover it with some foam and a washed linen sheet. Similar to this in fact, but I probably would have tucked the sheet in a bit more. Having seen this I love the idea of letting the sheet hang free. Like always it’s really easy to change colours and the look of the room.. something you’ll know from reading my blog is very important to me. My bedroom pretty much changes every time I change the sheets.. (not quite, but it does change a lot!)

What do you think – are headboards on their way in again?! Do you have any headboard ideas to share with us?!

vintage stool as bedside table and amazing washed linen mixed sheets headboard idea vintage items in the bedroom

photos by Fantastic Frank

Something else I like in this bedroom is the mix of furniture and the vintage items. The clothes rack is a favourite for sure.




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  1. nicole says:

    what a wonderful idea – maybe I could do the same to hide my ugly headboard!

  2. Hege says:

    Yes, go for it, Nicole!

  3. I love a nice headboard, I think it gives a cosy look to a bedroom. I like this idea of using a washed linen sheet as a headboard, it gives a nice “undone” & relax feel to the room and you’re right it allows you to change often the colors. Here the blue, grey and white work very well together.