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Home is better with U, with Urbanara


I often think about what makes a house a home. To me, it’s all about making yours. Own it! Inject some personality and make it feel like somewhere you’re proud of. Hang up a few pictures on the walls, add some nice textiles and some green plants and you’re half way there already. For a long time we thought we would be renting for a few months, so we didn’t personalise the flat we are renting. That was of course a mistake and I wish we had done it sooner. Almost 3 years later, we’re still here. Slowly but surely we’ve made this flat feel more like our home and I think we all feel more settled now. It’s not our forever home and one day I hope we’ll have more space and a garden, but until then we’re making the flat work for us.

I recently did some styling work for home wares brand Urbanara. It struck me that as soon as I put the charcoal cotton quilt on our double bed, the room felt completely different. The room instantly felt both more grown up and homely. Magnus came home from school and let out a big WOW! He even said you’re room is so different! It really does look like I’ve made a huge change to the room. It’s amazing what a dark quilt can do. I love the quality and the feel of it too.

urbanara bedspread

fig tree in the bedroom


urbanara towel

urbanara Anadia Quilt

Being a huge fan of waffle towels (and I mean above average huge!) I chose some gorgeous towels for our bathroom. They both look and feel fantastic. They’re so soft. They come in different colours, so I’ve got a feeling some charcoal waffle towels will be added to my collection too.

The beautiful marble cotton wool box will have a lot of uses, I can see that already. It would look just as perfect on my desk as a pen holder or as a secret chocolate box, now that’s an idea!

marble box and waffle towel urbanara

nagari marble cotton wool box

Our home is definitely better with Urbanara and I know I will find myself back in the shop shortly. I have my eye on the minimal plant pot collection for my  new green plants. Yes, I’ve bought more!


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  1. Katie says:

    I love waffle too, thanks so much for sharing! I am just in the process of upgrading our bath towels so this post couldn’t come at a better time!