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I’ve known and loved Willow’s Instagram account for years @willowstyleco and today, I’m happy to be sharing some photos of her minimal home with you. Let’s find out more about her and where she finds her inspiration.

My name is Willow Maurice. I am a wife and mom of four amazing children, varying from ages 3 to 10. Needless to say, I am busy and always on the go. However, I wouldn’t change my situation for anything. It’s an ever-constant thrill and learning curve, to be raising our children.

We are from the beautiful state of Idaho, in the Northwest area of the USA. America is a huge country, but my state is not overly-populated. In fact, we may have more farm animals than we do people!!! 🙂

At a young age, my mom was always styling and designing our homes. We didn’t have much, but that never stopped her. The interior spaces she set up were gorgeous, for the time. I watched her and learned from her, and through those childhood experiences, it led me to fall in love with interiors.

As time went on, I realized that my aesthetic was far different, then what was typically seen in America. I was drawn to clean lines, simple spaces, muted tones, uncomplicated furniture pieces, timeless materials/textures and so on. The idea that I could walk in to my space, and it was calming, yet inviting, was alluring to me. I quickly became fascinated with Scandinavian and Japanese design. I studied the history of it, the designers, the stylists, and so forth. Instantly, I knew my home had to embody a similar atmosphere.


This led me to starting my Instagram account and blog. With time and effort, I am extremely thankful to see it’s growth. The fact that I can somehow inspire others, with my interior styling and photography is very rewarding. I love learning, growing, and especially, sharing with others. It is the highlight of my days.

I am continually energized by others’ work. I strongly believe that we all bring something unique to the table. What Hege does, only she can do. And what I do, only I can do…and so forth. This is what makes this community so awesome. The uniqueness and diversity is awe-inspiring.


I tend not to buy in to too many trends. I think if there is a trend that speaks to me, I will commit to it in small doses. But I won’t go crazy and change up my entire place, to suit the
current trend, if that makes sense. I’d rather invest in a piece that is timeless, versatile, and can withstand the test of time. To me, that is far more worthy.


The best advice I can give someone, in regard to styling: don’t be too hard on yourself. Practice and “play” with the pieces in your home. Rearrange your sofa and coffee tables. Try an art wall, if that suits you. If it’s horrible, you can always patch and retouch the paint (I’ve done that too many times to count). I think it is easy for all of us to compare ourselves with others. We get overwhelmed and throw in the towel. Don’t do that. Be inspired by others, but don’t compare. Enjoy the process.

hege-in-france-home-tour-willow-maurice-livingmarble coffee table minimal home

There are many accounts who daily inspire me. At times, their work makes my jaw hit the floor. It’s THAT good. We have become friends, and yet, we are worlds apart! Their friendship is irreplaceable to me. Elisabeth Heier @ellisabeth_heier and Katerina Dima @onlydecolove, are two of those ladies. Not only is their work off the charts, they are the loveliest ladies and have always helped, guided, and shared their “tricks” with me. They are so incredible and I love them.

I also love the work of Henna from @hennasig_. She has this way with vignettes and lighting which is nothing short of spectacular. I love the travel and photography of Paola Ceroni from @ceronip. I am extremely inspired by her nature shots. And she’s the sweetest lady. My friend and fellow American, Phil Cohen from @philcohen_. He is such a great talent, and a much needed source as to what overseas products we both can source in the USA 🙂 There are many accounts. I could give you hundreds. These are a few that continually inspire me.

hege-in-france-home-tour-willow-maurice-scandinavian-minimalismminimal white bedroom with dried grass minimal home scandinavian minimalismopen shelving FRAMA styled by Willow Maurice

Thank you so much for sharing, Willow! If you like what you see, and I’m sure you will, you can follow Willow on Instagram @willowstyleco

All photos are by Willow Maurice with thanks!



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