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How to decorate for Autumn


Do you decorate your home with the seasons?  I want to show you an apartment with more moody details and how to decorate for Autumn. It’s time for scented candles and beautiful lamps. This apartment makes me want to snuggle up with a nice cup of tea and just enjoy life. Taking it slow, read, have good conversations and actually take time out to breathe and enjoy living.

How to decorate for AutumnHow to decorate for AutumnHow to decorate for AutumnHow to decorate for AutumnHow to decorate for AutumnHow to decorate for AutumnHow to decorate for AutumnHow to decorate for AutumnHow to decorate for AutumnHow to decorate for Autumn

photos by Fantastic Frank see more here

I quite like the dark walls. The grey walls in the living room look nice with the the masculine colours and that velvet sofa looks just great. So comfy and inviting.

The darker pieces of furniture add warmth to the space. Vintage pieces are great and can be inexpensive to buy. If you’re lucky to inherit some, then even better. There’s nothing greater than a piece of furniture with a bit of history. In France I bought a wonky chair at a bric a brac and used it as a bedside table. Just because you can’t sit on it anymore doesn’t mean you can’t use it for something else, right?!

A throw or some Autumn coloured cushions are a more obvious choice when we change our decor, but an idea to steal that you can see in this bedroom is styling with clothes. It’s a great way of adding interest, patterns, texture and colour. The more tactile the better. I love sheepskins too. You can find a good selection here. People are always drawn to things like sheepskins and go to touch them.

Another thing that we see more of now is curtains. I’ve got a Pinterest board on long curtains for inspiration that you can see here and I’ve also created a board for Decorating for Autumn.

Ceramics in cute shapes and sizes are always a good idea and with a nice tea or coffee pot it adds to the feel of a room. Here’s my favourite coffee pot, my favourite slow brew coffee maker you can read all about here and my favourite tea pot would be one of these. Isn’t that just the cutest shape?!

I’ve not touched much on nature here. To add a bit more of an autumn feel you can decorate with flowers and plants like the one in the window above. Reeds of grass or a branch can look great in a beautiful vase. They last for ages.

Did you notice something else here? A touch of gold. We’re slowly moving away from copper and storming towards gold! You’ve probably seen gold been featured in my feed for a while, so I’m totally ready for it.

Enjoy all the links and check out my instagram account here for more inspiration. I’ll be showing you lots on stories next week when I travel to Copenhagen to go on a bloggers tour. Can’t wait!


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