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I have this thing for big windows


Lately I’ve noticed a lot of big windows on Pinterest. Not only do the large windows look good, but they bring the outside in. I know it sounds like a cliché, but it’s true. Just have a look at the windows below. Suddenly there’s no need for a lot of decorations, as your eyes are drawn to the green outdoors. The minimal decor and clever use of wood looks great.

This project by KRADS has got exactly that peaceful feel I would love to have in my new home. The open plan space doesn’t look huge, but with the large windows, the space feels a lot bigger. I know most properties in Britain don’t come with enormous gardens and a view over the lake (!), but surely it’s possible to create a nice garden with a mix of beautiful plants. I also think a green garden view would mean a nicer experience living in a home and that you would use the garden more. Even on a rainy day you could sit inside, look out and still enjoy the garden. Who wouldn’t want to take an hour out with a book and a cup of tea in this beautiful window seat? Looks like a perfect escape to me.

Project by Krads and photos by Runolfur Geir Guobjornsson big window making the space feel larger RandersVilla_9 RandersVilla by Krads big window with view of the lake

RandersVilla big windows in the living room

Project by Krads and photos by Runolfur Geir Guobjornsson


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  1. julie says:

    dream home – with view on the sea please!

  2. Hege says:

    It would be amazing, wouldn’t it?