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In collaboration with Plant me now


In spring I planted lots of beautiful small plants from Plant me now. I was expecting it to all look very colourful by now, but instead nature happened. Had I factored in a rabbit attack? No I hadn’t.. It was all going really well. The plants were growing fast, in fact getting bigger by the day. Then one morning a lot of the plants had been eaten. A rabbit was spotted, so it got the blame. There really wasn’t much left of the plants, but we repotted them and put them back in the sunlounge. They have since recovered and done really well, but as for the flowers, well we haven’t seen any flowers yet. As green seems to be the preferred colour of plants this year, I don’t think it matters too much. I think the plants look really nice as they are. This year I will make sure to plant spring bulbs in October/November for them to flower early. 

This is a great spot for a quiet coffee. It’s where you get the morning sun, so we’ve created a nice space with some bamboo furniture. A perfect place for breakfast. Not only that, it’s also a nice shaded area in the evening. 

We’re really been enjoying the good weather here. It’s not every summer we can brag about 27 degrees in Scotland, so we’re making the most of it. We’re outside a lot. It’s great! It almost feels like we’re back in France again. 

As plants go though it’s soon time to plant winter bedding plants. My favourite has always been pansies. I always used to plant them as early as I could in France and was thinking about continuing the tradition here. That was until I found Mon Amie, how sweet are they? I think this lovely blue colour will cheer me up during the (long) winter months. 


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  1. Berenice Big says:

    I am happy ! It's summer !