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Interior design and furniture making


What I like about Loft Szczecin isn’t just their interior design style, but also the fact that they design and build their own furniture. The craftsmanship is flawless. This project is a 100 year old house that was extended and modernised. The fireplace was designed as well as the staircase connecting the three levels.

The new furniture was made of oak and was later oiled. Kitchen furniture were created from laminated plywood and the worktop made of black granite. Vintage items were bought in auctions and have been restored by Loft Szczecin. These include the chairs designed by Niels Moller of Danish production, the armchair of Czech production from the 60s designed by Magda Sepova and small medical furniture from the early 20th century.

Not only do I like the design, I also like the open plan layout and the high ceiling. What’s there not to like here?! Don’t you just love that fantastic desk?

loft_kolasinski © karolinabak 2016_1291 loft_kolasinski © karolinabak 2016_1299 loft_kolasinski © karolinabak 2016_1310

loft_kolasinski © karolinabak 2016_1311 32gallery_27

loft_kolasinski © karolinabak 2016_1314 loft_kolasinski © karolinabak 2016_1371 loft_kolasinski © karolinabak 2016_1431 loft_kolasinski © karolinabak 2016_1536

photos by photo credits belongs to Karolina B?k 

Thank you to Loft for sending me these lovely photos.

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