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It’s Fantastic Frank again


This apartment is for sale in Vällingby, Sweden. I have to say that some countries have a lot to learn when it comes to photos and styling before selling.. I won’t go into deatails, but if you like I’ll do a post with some of the worst photos I’ve ever seen.. It could be fun, couldn’t it? One that sticks out was of a blurred livingroom with a man ducking down behind the sofa. Classy! It really doesn’t take that long to take another photo.. and of course the house or apartment might just sell that little bit quicker.
This apartment styled by Fantastic Frank is slightely different and I’m sure it’ll sell quickly. I love the white walls and of course the tiled wall in the kitchen. The plants make the apartment look so fresh and ready to move into. Did you know the average house buyer has decided if the house if for them or not after about 2 minutes? Every second counts! 

 photos Fantastic Frank
Have a lovely day! 

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  1. Superbe ! J'adore en particulier la chambre !

  2. Katrin says:

    Beautiful pictures, but I like the story of the man behind the sofa even better!

  3. The Fantastic Frank team are so clever! They've taken the usual Swedish home style to sell theme and turned it on it's head with quirkiness, got to love them and everything they do!

  4. mel says:

    Such lovely styling – that bedroom is so sweet and makes me want to jump right in! I'd have such a laugh at a post like that Hege, in fact I'm experiencing that a lot at the moment, here there are even people posing in the photos of some dodgy interior… M x