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KARMAN the magic of lighting


I recently discovered beautiful lighting by design company KARMAN. Founded in 2005 and the main focus is unconventional decorative design lighting. All lamps are produced in Italy. It’s unique, as you’ll see from the photos below. 
The main concept for the 2014 collection is magic, entertainment, wonder and fairy tail. To be honest, the collection looks great and it looks like they had fun creating it. I would have loved to have been at this photo shoot and to have met grumpy Snow White. I wonder what time the seven dwarfs got home. The setting is out of this world and so is the lamp collection. 

Let’s meet the designers Matteo Ugolini, Bizzarri Design Stefano Bizzarri and Claudio Cinti, Edmondo Testaguzza and Luca De Bona and Dario De Meo.
all photos by Karman

 Owner owner of Karman, Davide Diamantini.
I’ve ashed the Karman some questions about the new collection.
How do you come up with a theme for a new collection? Why did you choose this year’s theme?

The idea of magic is part of our imaginery and the light itself is magic because it gives the chance to see what is around us, giving us a surprising emotion… with a simple click we are out of the dark!

In addition to their lighting task, our lamps have a decorative function, they have a highly emotional power, and sometimes they’re even ironic. That’s why we chose the topic of magic.

Where do you find inspiration?
This year the inspiration came from the idea of making the catalog shooting in a beautiful theater of a small town near our city, a magical and evocative place, that has always been linked to the idea of magic and emotional shows.

We thought this would give the right strength to the emotional, scenographic, funny and ironic message that we wanted to spread and that has always distinguished us.
Where will 2015 take you? Do you already have a theme for next year?
For 2015 we hope to confirm all the projects and the work we have already done in the past years both in Italy and abroad, and especially to grow and open new markets outside European countries… United States, China, Japan etc.
We haven’t thought to the theme for the new year collection yet, but we will certainly try to surprise you with our imagination again!

If you want to see what goes on behind the scenes at a photo shoot I recommend you watch this sort clip. I find it really inspiring. This clip is showing the 2013 collection. 

A great new discovery isn’t it?!

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