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Kitchen changes


So a few things have changed. I’ve painted the large grey dresser white inside. This makes things on display sitck out a lot more and it also brightens up the room. I’ve added green touches mainly by painting a few things. It all feels so much brighter. I’ve also put the dining table back in the kitchen again.

The industrial trolley was in my office as extra storage when I had the shop. I much prefer it in the kitchen. It takes away the IKEA look and adds a bit more of an industrial feel. It’s also extra storage. 

Hege in France Kitchen changes

Hege in France Kitchen BEFORE
Hege in France Kitchen changes
As you can see here I’ve also painted a bit more black. I had painted a rectangle in blackboard before, but now I’ve painted it all the way up and on the other side next to the fridge and it’s made a huge difference. 
Hege in France Kitchen changes

Hege in France Kitchen BEFORE
Hege in France Kitchen changes
The large fridge magnets are just paper mache letter I bought in a craft shop. I’ve painted them green and put magnets on the back. So easy! I also have an M, so Magnus can spell TEA, EAT, ATE, MEAT, MATE, TEAM… 
Hege in France Kitchen changes

The large green board I’ve written a post about HERE. It’s just an old table top painted green.
Hege in France Kitchen changes
Hope you’ve like the changed I’ve made. 
They were actually really easy changes to do and mostly involved paint. 

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  1. tinajo says:

    Looks great! Oh how I wish I had more space to work with in the kitchen!

  2. Elle est très réussie ta nouvelle version de ta cuisine. j'aime beaucoup. J'ai aussi un chariot industriel (vintage) dans ma cuisine , c'est très pratique. Bises et bon week-end Hege. Nathalie

  3. Anneke says:

    Wauw! That looks Nice!
    I love the trolley and the green colour.
    The tea mangnets are a good idea.
    Enjoy and have a Nice weekend! X

  4. Love your home Hege! This dresser looks now more fresh – just for my taste. I love also your grey dining table! XXX

  5. Looks great! I love the changes and a specially the trolley …
    X Stephanie

  6. Fantastisk…..du er så kreativ og flink Hege. Jeg blir alltid inspirert da jeg klikker meg inn på bloggen din. Dere har vel vinterferie fortsatt dere også? Jeg er spent på hvordan det blir å lande i Norge på søndag etter snart 1 år siden sist jeg stod på norsk jord. Gleder meg….skal bli godt å se familien og venner igjen. Bon Week-end!

  7. Ser kjempefint ut, liker virkelig de grønne detaljene dine. Litt maling gjør virkelig underverker.

    Klem fra Kari

  8. (eddas) says:

    Kjempefint kjøkken du har…drømmer om et stort kjøkken:)
    Og den vogna di er bare super…får jo plass til så masse:)
    fin helg til deg

  9. Muriel says:

    très belles idées qui changent vraiment l'atmosphère de ta cuisine, weel done!

  10. Marit says:

    I really like it Hege! Enjoy the weekend!

  11. Hi Hege, thanks for sharing these very inspiring pictures! Great to see how contemporary pieces and colours mix so well with your 'old' table. The green is for the very courageous but the effect is amazing!

  12. That trolley lookes so great! love it!

  13. Nannette says:

    Great before and after.
    The trolley is excellent, what an eye-catcher. And the white in the cupboard is lovely, no regrets I should think?
    Really, I love what you did with a /what-was-already-great-before/ kitchen!

  14. Katrin says:

    Looks beautiful, congratulations! I love especially the green highlights in contrast with all the black and white.

  15. Oh my goodness, Hege, I LOVE it! The green touches with the industrial theme is just spot on. Bravo!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  16. Yvonne says:

    love your new kitchen table – together with the newly painted dresser it really makes the room look brighter. also love how simple and clean your styling is.
    what are those orange things on the tray on the kitchen counter? was hoping for cakes, but looks more like some type of fruit…?? =)

  17. Wonderful changes! I like it a lot! 🙂

    Love Lisanne

  18. Hege says:

    Hi Yvonne,
    thank you so much!
    They were tangerines..
    Cakes.. mm.. I wish too!

  19. Le Style says:

    Great! Love the changes!!


  20. Oh love your kitchen. Especially the trolley and the black Eames.

  21. mel says:

    Hege I love it, what a gorgeous kitchen and so much life! Great to add the trolly and the mix of chairs are great also. Mel x

  22. blooms says:

    Très beau changement!!!J'aime beaucoup! C'est agréable de redécorer sa maison, n'est-ce pas?

    Je t'embrasse bien fort.

  23. The industrial trolley is great! As is your whole kitchen!