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Let there be light!


It’s a beautiful morning and I thought I’d write about light. It’s been really grey here for a while, so it’s great to see a clear blue sky today. I will be going for a nice walk later and so will my husband, he just doesn’t know it yet. We should even be able to sit outside for a coffee. 
Before we moved here, we used to live in an old barn (only 5 minutes away). Although all the walls and ceilings were painted white it was very dark. We had a couple of roof windows, but I now know that we didn’t have enough. Look at how light these rooms are! 

Hege in France VELUX windows and blinds
Hege in France VELUX windows and blinds
Hege in France VELUX windows and blinds
Hege in France VELUX windows and blinds
I think we underestimate how much light means to us. I even think it makes us feel better when we have lots of light. Being Norwegian I know how the lack of light effects you in the winter, so it’s important to maximise daylight. Imagine how dark these rooms would be without the  windows. All photos credit VELUX®.
If you have too much light you have lots of options. There are designer blinds, energy saving blinds and blackout blinds. The list is endless. Blinds are important too as in the summer we sometimes have too much light. I remember trying to put Magnus to sleep in his room with a roof window, with no blind. It wasn’t always easy as to him it didn’t feel like bedtime as it was too light. With VELUX windows you even have lots of colour options for your blinds. 
I’m very passionate about energy saving buildings and have read a lot about new regulations as we might build another house. One thing we both know for sure is that we want our new home to be as light as possible and at the same time be energy efficient. One thing you need to be very careful about is choosing good windows! It can make a massive difference to your power bills (as we know from experience!). Unfortunately we didn’t have good windosw in our barn, so not only was it dark, it was also freezing cold!
How important is light to you? 
Have a nice new week! 

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  1. Fantastiske bilder. Elsker lys. Vi bor i en gammel Torshov-gård med 3 meter under taket og stooore vinduer. Helt perfekt. Vi har også kjøpt enkle rulllegardiner som holder ettermiddagssola unna når det trengs.

    Klem Kirsti

  2. Elsa says:

    Nydelige bilder! Flott at dere har sol også!

  3. Villa Wonka says:

    Nydelige bilder. Må være fantastisk romfølelse med så mye takvinduer.
    Ha en strålende uke:-)
    Klem Kristin

  4. I really like to read your blogs Hege! Great i found you. I like the subject you write about: light! I think its also really important. The way light takes its part in our house it makes me feel good or bad. Sometimes on a really dark day i dont feel relaxed, i need light! Light will show you the best of everything. So i completelt agree with your post.