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Let’s have oysters for Christmas


Oysters, yes seriously. Ever since we lived in France our Christmas food habits and traditions have changed. I would love to have this as my Christmas dinner. Oysters with special oyster vinegar, red onions and lemons.. Love it! Of course oysters are not as available here as they are in France, but I’m still going to try to find some, at least for a starter.

oysters and candles on a vintage table

from Åhlens Christmas catalog

This vintage table setting looks so lovely. The focus is on the food, but there are elements of Christmas with the candles and the foliage. The vintage table looks beautiful. It’s all very rustic and real. This is what I call real food. No processed food in sight.

What kind of food and table setting are you going for this year? Minimal or the complete opposite? Traditional food or something different?! I’ve gathered some Christmas dinner inspiration on Pinterest, both table settings and recipes.

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