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A lot of posts today..


Sorry.., but I’ve got loads to say..
Remember the whiteboard paint by Ideapaint that I wrote 
about HERE – I get to test it! 🙂 Very excited about that!

As far as my shopping trip went.. Well, I didn’t get very much.. 
I spent the whole amount of €20 (this was including my little summer dress)
I’m much better at finding things at bric-à-bracs…

3 small vases and 2 tea towels.. 

and a black and white summer dress.. 

First time ever I’ve taken photos of my shopping.. 🙂
Not bad for €20. It did involve visiting quite a number of shops..


A while back I took part in a place card challenge and I was one of Two winners!
This was my DIY place card.
A handstamped wooden spoon with pink neon maskingtape. 
(the colour was chosen by Magnus himself!)
I will receive this lovely Moroccan inspired table cloth and napkins. NICE!
Thank you, Camilla! 

Thank you all so much for supporting my blog!
Don’t forget I’m putting the new challenge out tomorrow.
Have a nice evening!


ps! My most exciting news I’m keeping to myself for a bit longer.
Big smile as it’s very exciting!

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  1. Have you all bought for 20?! Impressive and fun!

  2. Mariela says:

    All that for 20?, you are good! I love everything you bought , enjoy your day!, big hug!

  3. Cyn | decyng says:

    Good news! you won and you won on your buyings too!

  4. Great shopping trip 🙂 How cool that you get to try the white board paint!!!! Looking forward to your comments about it. Also looking forward to the new challenge AND your surprise! So much anticipation here 🙂


  5. Tere says:

    Nice finds!! Really love how the vases look together. And congrats for you prize! :^)