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Maison et Objet


Here are some of the photos I took at Maison & Objet. The expo is huge and I mean huuuge! It takes hours or maybe even days to see it all. I only had one day there, but I managed to both see a lot and talk to lot of interesting people. I also met a reader of my blog.  Hello, Laurence! It was so nice to meet you. 

Hege in France at Maison et Objet
Hege in France at Maison et Objet
Hege in France at Maison et Objet

Hege in France at Maison et Objet
Hege in France at Maison et Objet

Big winners for me this year… the collections from Bloomingville, House Doctor, Hay and Zenza. I’ve also discovered a lot of beautiful lights and rugs. There were also new designers and smaller companies at the expo.  I’ll talk more about that later.

All the impressions from yesterday were overwhelming as there was so much happening in one day. It also made me realise how strange it is being somewhere busy like Paris. I’m apparently very used to living in the countryside now and not used to busy places.. I need to get out more. I loved it! 

Thanks so much for all your messages yesterday! 


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  1. Wow…så mye herlig og spennende inspirasjon, skjønner godt at du koste deg. Hadde jeg ikke stått midt oppi pakking/flytting…så skulle jeg nok tatt meg en togtur dit jeg også. Kos deg videre i Paris;o)
    Klem fra meg

  2. tinajo says:

    How FUN to get that much inspiration that an expo can give! 🙂

  3. Fab round up of the show, Hege! I loved the Bloomingville stand, too!

  4. Merci pour ces photos , tu en as bien profité ! bises

  5. Hege! Thank you for sharing!
    Really wish I was there..

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing all these impressions!! Hmm, I think I should have now a closer view to House Doctor now 🙂

  7. Elv's says:

    it great to visit the expo by your pictures 🙂 Thanks Hege… it sounds like fun… Would love to see more of your impressions! hug x ps next time a travel to holland???

  8. Rafa-kids says:

    I was at M&O for the first time and did't realize how HUGE it is, just impossible to show it all. I'm not surprise you liked it 😉

  9. Anonymous says:

    J'aimerais me renseigner auprès de la marque sur leur tapis qui apparaissent sur les 2 vignettes en haut de votre 2eme photo ( celle dessous les passants).
    Auriez vous la gentillesse de me donner le nom de la marque?
    Merci beaucoup et merci aussi pour ce très joli blog.
    Bonne journée

  10. Hege says:

    Bonjour Hélène,
    voici leur site
    merci beaucoup
    belle soirée! hx

  11. Hege says:

    I know it's enormous! I think you could spend days there.. 🙂 hx

  12. Hege says:

    I would love to travel to Holland, Elvera!
    Happy Weekend! hx