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minimal wood lounge chair

Styling The Beautiful Minimalist Windsor Chair From Carl Hansen


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I love minimal design, as you’ll probably know by now. The Windsor minimalist chair from Carl Hansen is special though. There’s something about knowing that this chair isn’t a new design. Don’t you just love the fact that the Windsor Chair was designed in 1938? The Danish architect and cabinetmaker behind the chair, Frits Henningsen was a perfectionist and great craftmanship was very important to him. This of course something Carl Hansen & Søn has got at its core.

“Renowned as an uncompromising designer, Frits Henningsen viewed quality craftsmanship as essential, and unlike most cabinetmakers, always designed his own furniture pieces.”

close up of the Windsor chair from Carl Hanson, a minimalist chair made from wood, designed for comfort

the Windsor chair in a minimalist, Scandi inspired home
close up of the minimalist Danish designed Windsor chair- a high back chair made with wood ideal for dining and lounge chair

The Beautiful Windsor Chair- Minimalist Danish Design at its best

I love the attention to detail and the chair is so comfortable. You can use the Windsor chair as a dining chair and a lounge chair. The Windsor chair comes in two finishes. The chair I’ve styled is the oak, oiled version, but it also comes in a lighter oak, soap option.

As mentioned earlier, the chair was designed in 1938 and was in continuous production until 2003. Carl Hansen has now reissued this stunning chair and I imagine it will be in production for years to come.

the minimalist, scandi inspired Windsor chair from Carl Hansen in a minimalist, Nordic styled home
close up of the seat on the Windsor chair, a carefully sculpted wooden chair made for comfort from Carl Hansen
Danish designed Windsor minimalist wooden chair in a Nordic inspired minimalist home

More Minimalist Danish Design Inspiration from Carl Hansen

If you would like to find out more about Carl Hansen & Søn, I invite you to watch the brand video. It’s so interesting and you learn so much about the history of the company.

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