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Minimalist living Japan


I’ve always been fascinated by Japan and love all the design I see from there. Last year I wrote about this trendy hair salon.

I like white minimalist living and the use of green plants, so naturally I like this Japanese home. It looks clean and healthy. The mix of designer furniture and green plants looks great. It’s nice to see quite large green trees inside. You would need quite a big space to add a tree, but in a room like this with very large ceiling it works perfectly. I love the unusual lights hung at different levels too. This is an inexpensive way of achieving a trendy look. 

Japanese kitchen diner Japanese living Japanese healthy living

Japanes open interiors

Japanese minimalist living

all photos by Toshiyuki Yano

Whilst searching for Japanese design I found this photo of Furla Yoga on HealthyTokyo. It looks quite interesting, don’t you think? I wouldn’t mind trying this.


photo by HealthyTokyo



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  1. bianca says:

    love the Japanese style, essentialist… that’s it 😉

  2. Hege says:

    The best! x

  3. Josh says:

    Hi Hege,

    Great post! Love the minimal Japanese look. Great for feng Shui too.

    By the way, we recently included your pinterest in our ’15 Best Interior Design Pinterest accounts’.

    Just FYI 🙂

  4. Hege says:

    Hi Josh,

    Thank you!

    I’m really pleased to be in your top 15! Thank you!!


  5. Josh says:

    Hey you’re very welcome! 🙂

    We have a great post about Feng Shui you might like too. I will send it to you over email.

    Thanks for your reply!