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Most popular pins


So when you blog a lot – not blogging for almost a week feels like ages! I was convinced it was longer since I last wrote a post. That’s what happends when you have a bit too much to do. 

Last week I spend a couple of days in London. I was invited to a 3D printing event hosted by Pinterest. You can see the photos here. The presentation was held by Paul Sohi from 2052. I’m now a huge fan of 3D printing and there are some amazing things out there! Pinterest has created a 3D printing board, so please go and have a look. I had no idea how this worked. Did you know that it’s possible to 3D print a table?! Designed by Amin and Mehran from Studio Integrate this table is printed as a normal size dining table and as a table top – a large sheet of glass. Amazing!

I was also very lucky to meet and have lunch with the founder of Pinterest, Ben Silbermann, the UK Pinterest team and three other bloggers. We gave them some suggestions on how to change and improve Pinterest and hopefully our ideas will be put into practice. That whould be fun! 

I’m of course a complete Pinterest addict as you might have noticed if you follow me. So why not start the new week with some of my most popular pins from the last couple of weeks. They have one thing in common. Can you see what it is?! 

photo by Stadshem
photo by Birgitta Drejer

photo via Quarter – CoffeeConcepts

photo by Kristalia

The red thread… Dark floors! 
Are we shifting away from white floors?!! What do you prefer?
Have a great new week! 


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  1. You always inspires me! Have a great week!

  2. Mariela R. says:

    Great pics! I love the white floors but to be realistic I imagine is hard to maintain them. Have a great new week !


  3. Hege Morris says:

    Thank you, Juliana! Have a great week too!! hx

  4. Hege Morris says:

    Yes, I guess you might be right, Mariela. 🙂 Have a great week too! hx