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My dream


One day I really want to renovate a flat or a house somewhere. This has been one of my dreams for a long time and I can’t wait to one day realise it. Are you ready for this? It’s not pretty, but it could be!
Do you have vision? Can you see beyond what’s there to what it could be like?!

I would love to put in wooden floors, paint the walls white and add a period fireplace to this room. There’s so much potential here. 

This could be a great dining room, but as it is it’s really soulless. 

The period features in this bedroom are hidden by the wallpaper and the curtains. This room needs a huge lift. I would add wooden floors, make it lighter and more inviting.

I would change the kitchen layout and make room for a dining table and chairs.
Because of my dream I love searching web sites with homes for sale and picture what I would change. Tomorrow I’ll show you what a place like this could look like.. until then
Happy Friday!

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  1. //Terhi says:

    I just made a post, like yours. I found two places which are in sale at "etuovi" a market place for finnish appartments. It is nice to dream and made plants. Have a nice weekend.

  2. I totally agree Hege! Do you now already I am making my career dream. I am starting up my business! I finished my education and my specialty is decorating homes for sale! I am at the very begin of starting up, it's a bit scary ofcourse, but I am confident the costumers wil, find me. I changed my blog in verknochtstyling.blogspot.nl and if you likt to see more of my work, verknochtstyling.nl
    You have such nice plans for this beautiful appartment, we see the beauty of it, but a lot of potential buyers will not… but hey, onde day you will get a beauty for a very nice price! 😉