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Neutral bedroom with tactile bouclé bolster cushion DIY.



It’s been such a long time since I’ve created a DIY. It was something I used to do regularly here when I started my blog 9 years ago. It was nice to get the sewing machine out and actually make something again. I definitely spend far too many hours behind a screen and I know I’m not the only one. I’ve got some beautiful bouclé fabric to show you. I’m sure you’ve noticed this type of fabric both in interiors and fashion recently.

My idea was to make a large scale cushion to run across the width of our bed and create subtle focal point in our bedroom. Being such a neutral, minimal bedroom, the more texture the better and I love how the bouclé fabric makes the bed look more inviting. I literally can’t wait to snuggle up after a long day! The tactile fabric from Zinc Textile was the perfect choice.

I bought a bolster pillow for added neck and back support, while reading in bed (or let’s face it, watching something or going on Instagram). Then I did some sewing with my basic sewing machine. It’s was very easy to do and didn’t take too long. There are many different sizes of Bolster pillows, but I went for quite a large one, size 48cm x 136cm. It’s a great size for a double bed.

For my next project, I think it will be to paint the walls. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while, but for now, I’m happy with the result.

Minimal bedroom with tactile boucle cushionboucle fabric detailCosy bedroom with white sheets and boucle bolster cushion


A fabric that has seen a renaissance in popularity thanks to reimagined 1970s interior trends, we’re seeing wool bouclé upholstery gracing all sorts of curved and chunky furniture. In the past year or so, it has found its way into Nordic interiors as a way of adding visual interest to more minimal and muted spaces. 

Its cuddly, teddy-like appearance brings new levels of comfort to dedicated lounging. With an irresistible texture and super-soft tactile quality, bouclé is fast becoming the fabric of choice. The fabric is made by weaving knotted bouclé yarn, traditionally made with wool. Its natural bobbly texture means it can be woven into tight loops as does the fabric I’ve chosen –  Zumirez in ‘Moonbeam’ from Zinc Textiles. I think it looks at its best closest to its natural tone, although you could, of course, choose a bouclé with a little more colour.

This bolster cushion was made specifically for the bedroom. As I mentioned earlier, I wanted something a little more supportive to lounge with on the bed and I love the cosy texture it brings. I think it gives the room a subtle focal point too, a great addition for styling the bed with.

breakfast in bedNordic style bedroom with white sheets and Gubi wall lampRoll of boucle fabric in beige by Zinc TextileRoll of boucle fabric in beige by Zinc Textilesewing project in a Scandinavian dining room

The boucle fabric in this post was sponsored by Zinc Textile. Views, photos and styling by Hege Morris.

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