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New Trend – oversized plants indoors


Bloggers and influencers have managed to make green plants in to a makro trend instead of a micro trend. The green plant trend is still very popular, but as I’m on Pinterest a lot these days,  I’ve started to notice something.  In 2016 I think we’ll see a new trend – oversized plants indoors, in fact some are even trees. Put a big green plant in focus instead of lots of small plants. I think I still like both trends, but a new favourite is definitely oversized plants. I’ve started an oversized plants indoors board on Pinterest. You can see it here. Oversized plants go really well in oversized pots and become a bit of an art piece in a room.

yvonne kone copenhagen oversized plant indoors

Yvonne Kone 

oversized plants indoors by AMM blog

AMM blog 

photo GamFraetsi oversized green plant inside

photo by GamFraetsi


photo by  Morten Holtum

oversized tree in the living room

from Milk Magazine

You can also put a normal size plant in an oversized pot like here. What do you think? Do you like this trend?




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