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Tylko sideboard in a minimal Nordic living room

New TYLKO Oak Sideboard in my Living Room 


Storage is one of the key elements that can make or break the way you experience your home. Ours has changed so much since we moved in 5 years ago, but we’re still getting the storage right. I really wanted to find a minimal wooden sideboard for our living room to take the heat off the shelves in my office. Sometimes I just don’t have enough space to tidily store away props for work. 

So I turned to TYLKO, who helped me design a bespoke piece that suits our needs perfectly. Isn’t it gorgeous? If you’re unfamiliar with them, TYLKO rejects the idea of standard, one-size-fits-all furniture. They belie that every home should be filled with perfect-fit storage that looks as good as it functions.

With a huge selection to choose from including wall storage, shoe racks and chests of drawers, you’re in control of your own design. From the website, you can pick from a range of configurations then add in your measurements and the finish or colour. I loved playing with the tool and designing my own unit. It was so much fun!

Tylko sideboard in a minimal Nordic living room

Customising your TYLKO unit

For this sideboard I chose 5 columns with alternate closed cupboard and open shelf sections. I added the elevated plinth underneath to lift it off the floor and give it a lighter appearance. You can also add options of adding a steel cable hole with a magnetic cover, colour-matched to the shelf. I did, so I can hide the Wi-Fi box.

The actual body of the furniture is made from sustainable European birch with a veneer on top – I picked oak which connects well with the other oak pieces we have in our home. Everything comes flat-packed and easily to put together yourself too.

Sideboard with both hidden and visible storage options. Sideboard with both hidden and visible storage options. Tylko sideboard in a minimal Nordic living room

And I’ve just seen that Tylko are launching a new collection of bespoke wardrobes too. They come in a range of contemporary colours including beige, charcoal and classic white. Oh the possibilities…

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