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Norwegian Crafts in Milan


I would love to visit Milan and Fuoriosalone. It looks like a great place to discover new talent. This morning I received a press release about Structure. Created and coordinated by Norwegian Crafts, paint makers Jotun and Norwegian designers’ union Klubben, Structure presents a diverse array of products, prototypes and creative expressions from 26 talented designers and craft artists currently working in Norway.

Bringing together a unique combination of Nordic craft and design talent, Structure is a brand new initiative intended to showcase the vision, innovation and artistry behind Norway’s contemporary creative scene – regardless of sector, discipline or material specialism. Structure invited participants to respond to one of two themes – ‘structure’ or ‘trace’ (whether in terms of a mark of a prior existence, a small amount, a path, or an act of tracking). The result is a broad spectrum of unique interpretations, including innovative material applications

You can expect to see an eye-openingly innovative range of ceramics, furniture, textiles, sculpture, tableware and household objects – all produced by some of the biggest names in Norwegian design, including Vera & Kyte, Noidoi, Andreas Engesvik and Sverre Uhnger. Each work is a creative response to one – or both – of the exhibition’s two themes: ‘trace’ and ‘structure’. Held in collaboration with the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture, Structure is set to be one of the most memorable exhibitions in Milan this year. Here are my hand picked new items and my favourite colours just now. Not only are the new designs amazing, the colours and styling is great too. Makes me feel like going to buy plywood and paint..

ZETTELER_Structure_Andreas Engesvik_Vigeland_Photo Siren Laudal ZETTELER_Structure_Bjørn van den Berg Falke Svatun_Aerial_Photo Siren Laudal ZETTELER_Structure_gunzler.polmar_Pour_Photo Siren Laudal ZETTELER_Structure_Kiyoshi Yamamoto_Materials as a Metaphor Part III_Photo Siren Lauvdal ZETTELER_Structure_Kneip_Loen Gauge_Photo Siren Laudal ZETTELER_Structure_Noidoi Design Studio_Meld_Photo Siren Laudal ZETTELER_Structure_Runa Klock_Dual Chair_Photo Siren Laudal Nordic craft and design talent

photos by Siren Lauvdal

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