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Outside at Mrs Hardy’s


Lately I’ve been dreaming of some outside space. I’m finding it a bit difficult living in an apartment with no outside space. It was fine in the winter, but this summer I’ve missed some outside space. Especially with a 7 year old, who wants to play fotball all the time.. ! It was so different in France where he could go outside and play whenever he wanted. I’ve not been blogging much as I’ve chosen to spend time with Magnus and also we’ve been at the park a lot! 
I think a covered terrace would be ideal here as it of course rains a lot in Scotland. On the inspiring blog Mrs Hardy I’ve found a very pretty outside space. Manuela is a DIYer, but also an architect. She comes up with lots of great ideas. She made the dining table herself. I think her covered dining area is just perfect! It’s ready for a great evening with friends. 

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to hang up artwork outside? 

Not only is the dining space beautiful, the entire space is just perfect. I love the raised flower box, also made by Manuela. It acts as a separation and defines the area, but also as a backrest to the bench/sofa. It looks really comfortable with all those lovely cushions. 
all photos by Manuela Hardy
I guess I should stop dreaming. It’s back to work for me! 
Hope you’re enjoying the summer!! 

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  1. Berenice Big says:

    Beautiful ! Il love the white table !

  2. I'm so much with you for the lack of outside space. This is my second summer in Southern France and I miss like hell not being able to enjoy the evening freeze without getting dressed and going out. These pictures are really gorgeous … another great inspiration for the terrace, patio, garden or balcony I'll have one day 😉 xxi.

  3. Hege Morris says:

    I would love to make one – one day! hxx

  4. Hege Morris says:

    I thought I would miss more space more than the garden.. but no. well maybe in the winter! In Franc we used to have 3 meals outside ever day in the summer.. here.. inside or picnique at the park.. it's a lot more effort though..
    yes, love this space! One day, Ilaria! hxx